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November/December Newsletter Available

THA TIMES - Opening Doors, Changing Lives
Volume 5 - 2020
November/December 2020

See something say something - report suspicious activity to the police

In Loving Memory...

Alazia Johnson

Alazia Johnson, a 9 year-old resident of Tifton Housing Authority passed away October 6, 2020. She was the daughter of Tegina Brown and Javonie Johnson. Alazia loved unicorns, Minnie Mouse, LOLs and making TikTok videos. She attended Len Lastinger Primary School where she was a second-grader.

We at the Tifton Housing Authority are heartbroken and extend our thoughts and prayers to her family.

Congratulations, Tranayah!!

Tranayah Clark

Tranayah Clark was recently awarded a scholarship by The Class of 1970. Clark is majoring in elementary education at Valdosta State University. The Class of 1970 gives scholarships to qualified applicants. "Our class wants to make a difference in the lives of our youth and in the community" stated Class President Linda Gray. Clark is the daughter of Mamie McCrae and Vonterias Clark. 

We are certainly proud of Tranayah here at Tifton Housing Authority.

From the Desk of Shaundra Clark, Executive Director

To: Tifton Housing Authority ("THA") Residents
Re: Unauthorized Guests
Date: October 27, 2020

The THA has had complaints regarding unauthorized guests in THA units in violation of THA lease provisions and the THA admissions and Continued Occupancy Policy.

As a reminder to all residents, guests of residents may be accommodated for a total period of fourteen (14) days within any twelve (12) consecutive month period. In the event a tenant wishes to accommodate a guest in excess of fourteen days, the tenant must notify the THA in writing, stating the reasons for such extended accommodations, in order to obtain the THA's approval of such arrangements in advance. The THA must be notified in writing of said guest's arrival and departure dates. 

Any guest who gives the address of a THA unit as their residence of record to governmental agencies, employers, creditors, financial institutions, or others, shall be considered an unauthorized member of the household and the tenant will receive a letter of termination as a result.

Tenants who fail to notify the Executive Director of designee of additions to the household, or who permit persons to join the household without undergoing screening are in violation of their lease. Such persons are considered to be unauthorized occupants by the THA and the entire household will be subject to eviction. 

The THA may terminate the lease of any tenant for allowing unauthorized guests to remain in the household for more than fourteen (14) days within any twelve (12) months. Further, the THA will terminate the lease of any resident whose address has been used by an individual other than a member of the household as their address.

Please do not hesitate to contact staff with any questions you may have.

Ms. Shaundra Clark, THA Executive Director

Make sure you don't miss a thing...
Download the Tifton Housing Authority Mobile App.

THA Mobile app

Available for Android/Google Play or Apple.

Please call the office if you need help downloading the app.

Tifton Housing Authority Banned List

Name/Birthdate - Banned From (Date) - Lift Date

  • Angoe, Joshua - Banned From Deas (07/19/19)
  • Billings, Vincent Charles - Banned From All
  • Brown, Richard D., Jr. - Banned From All (03/09/2020) until 03/09/2025
  • Bryant, Roswick - Banned From All for LIFE
  • Butler, Dominque Sharod
  • Church, Ashley (03/27/91) - Banned From All until 10/19/2023
  • Coney, Derrick - Banned From All (09/07 /18)
  • Cooper, Jacqueres - Banned From All until 05/13/2021
  • Davis, Briana Nicole - Banned From Dixie for LIFE
  • Davis, Derrico Deon (10/12/96) -Banned from Maple (08/29/19) Indefinitely until lifted by THA
  • Denson, Malcolm - Banned From Deas (09/09/13)
  • Dixon, Brianna - Banned From Dixie (06/15/19)
  • Edwards, Armonty - Banned From OOR & Peterson (02/06/19) until 02/06/2024
  • Folsom, Eugene - Banned From All for LIFE
  • Foster, Aiyah - Banned From OOR for LIFE
  • Fudge, Danny - Banned From All until 12/7/2021
  • Fudge, Marcus - Banned From All (02/04/2014)
  • Gaines, Amrika Latrice (8/4/99) - Banned From Maple, BV & Alder (09/25/19) until 09/25/2024
  • Gomez, Saul - Banned From EV (10/24/19) Indefinitely until lifted by THA
  • Graydon, Ahmad Rashad - Banned From Peterson (05/02/16)
  • Griggs, Exzabrain - Banned From Alder (08/24/19)
  • Greene, Shavondra - Banned From Maple, BV & Alder (04/25/19) until 04/25/2024
  • Johnson, Antron - Banned From All for LIFE
  • Johnson, Richard - Banned From All for LIFE
  • Hawk, Angela (1/14/94) - Banned From OOR & Peterson (10/10/19) until 10/10/2024
  • Heard, Laeddie - Banned From Deas for LIFE
  • Heath, Raymond - Banned From All until 01/26/2021
  • Henry, Lashonda (02/10/82) - Banned From Peterson (04/23/19) until 04/23/2024
  • Hicks, Justin Kennard - Banned From BVC (10/06/16)
  • Hightower, Michael David - Banned From Peterson for LIFE
  • Hillery, Kemon Deontae - Banned From Deas (08/18/18)
  • Hodge, Alexandria - Banned From ALL (01/08/13)
  • Hooks, Devvon Detravious - Banned From Deas (09/19/14)
  • Horn, Deontia - Banned From All (01/08/13)
  • Jackson, Gary - Banned From OOR (06/22/10)
  • Jacobs, Jacoby Sharadd - Banned From OOR (06/07 /11)
  • Johnson, Alicia - Banned From Alder St (07 /07 /19)
  • Johnson, Antron - Banned From All for LIFE
  • Johnson, Richard - Banned From All for LIFE
  • Jones, Euwarner Jaris "JRoc" - Banned From All for LIFE
  • King, Keon Danard - Banned From P, OOR, Omega, Deas & Hills for LIFE
  • Knight, Michael - Banned From Deas (09/09/13)
  • Laftly, Stacy - Banned From Dixie (08/01/11)
  • Lampkin, Abrente - Banned From Deas (09/09/13)
  • Lane, Germaine Lamont - Banned From All until 05/04/2022
  • Lester, Dwayne - Banned From Peterson (10/21/2020) until 10/21/2025
  • Mack, Chanet (06/18/78) - Banned From BV & Alder (07/03/2020) until 07/03/2021
  • Martin, Gregory Toronto - Banned From All (07/21/17)
  • Mayo, Christopher - Banned From All until 01/19/2021
  • McCrany, Charlie - Banned From Dixie, Deas (09/09/13)
  • McGriff, Rashad Quenterrio - Banned From OOR & Peterson (04/08/12)
  • Moline-Gomez, Moisez - Banned From EV (07/25/16)
  • Morris, Jarrod - Banned From All until 12/18/2020
  • Morris, Willie - Banned From All until 12/18/2020
  • Parks, Deyonta Puna - Banned From Deas (09/09/13)
  • Poke, Joseph - Banned From All for LIFE
  • Poole, Talmadge - Banned From All (01/02/17)
  • Redding, Tonya (12/10/1972) - Banned From EV (06/18/2020) until 06/18/2025
  • Riggins, Keonta Rashad - Banned From Peterson, OOR (07 /28/14)
  • Robinson, Clifford - Banned From All for LIFE
  • Rutland, Tronyall - Banned From BV (07 /14/14)
  • Smith, Christopher (01/12/75) - Banned From All for LIFE
  • Stephens, Abrenta J. - Banned from All (09/27/19) for LIFE
  • Stevenson, Karshay (06/08/96) - Banned From Elderly Village (02/03/2020) until 02/03/2025
  • Sutton, Ayana - Banned From OOR & Peterson (02/06/19) until 02/06/2024
  • Sutton, Tacoda (04/13/87) - Banned From OOR & Peterson (02/06/19) until 02/06/2024
  • Swain, Justin (02/16/88) - Banned From All until 03/08/2023
  • Taylor, Ashanti (03/16/01) - Banned From All until 07/26/2023
  • Thomas, Vervelean - Banned From Elderly Village (11/05/19) until 11/05/2020
  • Walker, Johnny - Banned From BVC for LIFE
  • Waller, Marvin M. - Banned From BVC for LIFE
  • Waters, Hernando (09/27/96) - Banned From Deas & Hill for LIFE
  • Webster, Deanna - Banned From Peterson
  • Webster, Ned (03/10/61) - Banned From All for LIFE
  • West, Dedra - Banned From All
  • White, Dondre L. (08/18/89) - Banned From Peterson (08/23/19) Indefinitely until lifted by THA
  • Wilcox, Wilbur Xavier "Slim" - Banned From EV, Peterson until 06/13/2022
  • Williamson, Jamie - Banned From All until 12/18/2020
  • Wilson, Christopher "Shug" (1/12/61) - Banned From EV (08/22/19) for LIFE
  • Wilson, Larry - Banned From All for LIFE

List as of 10-21-2020
Red typed individuals banned by Tifton Police Department per their system.

Nov 2020 Calendar

November Events:
1st - Daylight Savings Time (Fall Back)
4th - Live Skills 5-7pm via Zoom
9th - Veterans Day Observed (THA Office Closed)
11th - Veterans Day
11th - Live Skills 5-7pm via Zoom
18th - Live Skills 5-7pm via Zoom
23rd-27th - Tift County Schools Thanksgiving Break
26th-27th - Happy Thanksgiving (THA Office Closed)

Dec 2020 Calendar

December Events:
2nd - Live Skills 5-7pm via Zoom
9th - Live Skills 5-7pm via Zoom
10th - Happy Hanukkah
16th - Live Skills 5-7pm via Zoom
21st to Jan 1st - Tift County Schools Christmas Break
24th - Christmas Eve (THA Office Closed)
25th - Christmas Day (THA Office Closed)
26th - Happy Kwanzaa
31st - New Year's Eve

Local Resources

Several state and regional agencies and organizations provide critical services and resources for residents. Below are phone numbers for some of the more commonly needed resource agencies within Tift County and throughout the State of Georgia.

  1. Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS)
    Georgia Department of Human Services 1-877-423-4746; in Tift County call: 229-386-3388
  2. U.S. Social Security Administration Office
    732 2nd St W, Tifton, GA 31794; 1-800-772-1213
  3. U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, VA Clinic
    1824 N Ridge Ave, Tifton, GA 31794; 229-391-608
  4. Reports of child abuse and neglect:
    1-855-GA-CHILD (1-855-422-4453) OR 911
  5. Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-33-HAVEN (1-800-334-2836)
  6. Mental Health, Drugs or Alcohol Help:
    Georgia Crisis & Access Line: 1-800-715-4225
  7. Tift County Schools information - visit:
  8. Second Harvest of South Georgia
    Distribution Site in Tifton:
    Georgia Museum of Agriculture (Agrirama) - 1392 Whiddon Mill Rd
  9. Affordable Medications program:
    Goodpill prescription program is providing 3 months of medications to GA families impacted by COVID-19. Contact for assistance: 1-888-987-5187 or email
  10. Need internet access? The public library's WIFI is still available outside the building (keep up those 6 feet of social distance)...the library remains closed until further notice

Housekeeping Inspections Resumed

Mr. Freddie Span

Tifton Housing Authority (THA) has hired Mr. Freddie Span to perform housekeeping inspections. Mr. Span will always have a THA identification badge. Inspections began Monday, October 19, 2020 and will continue through December 31, 2020. He will be conducting inspections between the hours of 8am and 6pm Monday-Thursday, 8am to 12 noon on Fridays.

Housekeeping inspections are required as part of your lease so you must allow Mr. Span in to inspect. Your cooperation is expected. If you have any questions, please call the office at 229-382-5434.

Annual Maintenance Inspections

maintenance man

Annual inspections by THA maintenance staff is ongoing. Those units not inspected so far will be inspected by December 30, 2020. you must let the maintenance staff have access to your entire apartment.

The office of Tifton Housing Authority remains closed to anyone physically. However, we are answering the phones and continuing to address any concerns our residents may have.

Work orders are handled on a case by case basis, with emergencies answered first and then any issues that may cause future problems handled. If you have an emergency after our normal business hours, remember to press 2 to be transferred to the maintenance voice mail.

Additionally, annual recertifications and interims are being handled via mail or email.

Remember, rent is still due as usual. By the 7th for public housing and by the 5th for those in Deas.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 229-382-5434.

Be SAFE from coronavirus infection
Be SMART & inform yourself about it
Be KIND & support one another

Coming soon

Online Access to THA Coming Soon

Tifton Housing Authority is proud to announce that within a couple of months we will have the capability for our residents to do business with us online. This will include:

  • Access to your account to see your rent amount
  • Pay your rent
  • Print your lease
  • Complete your annual recertification including uploading supporting documents
  • Notify THA of changes to your household or income
  • New applicants will be able to complete an application online.

Additionally, we will have a kiosk in the lobby for those that are not able to access the internet from home.

Tifton Housing Authority Staff

Shaundra Clark
Executive Director

Valerie Sneed
Office Manager

Sheena Washington
Property Assistant

Debra Jackson
Property Assistant

Adrianna Jackson
Property Assistant

Melanie Nunley
Resident Services

Latika Dassie
Maintenance Specialist

Lee Browne
Facilities Manager

Charlene Tucker 
Administrative Specialist

Click here to download the Newsletter as a PDF (all information provided above).

Resident Portal Sign Up: News 229.382.5434