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Letter from Executive Director



DATE:      October 27, 2020


The THA has had complaints regarding unauthorized guests in THA units in violation of THA lease provisions and the THA Admissions and Continued Occupancy Policy.

As a reminder to all residents, guests of residents may be accommodated for a total period of fourteen (14) days within any twelve (12) consecutive month period.  In the event a tenant wishes to accommodate a guest in excess of fourteen days, the tenant must notify the THA in writing, stating the reasons for such extended accommodations, in order to obtain the THA's approval of such arrangements in advance.  The THA must be notified in writing of said guest's arrival and departure dates.

Any guest who gives the address of a THA unit as their residence of record to governmental agencies, employers, creditors, financial institutions, or others, shall be considered an unauthorized member of the household and the tenant will receive a letter of termination as a result.

Tenants who fail to notify the Executive Director or designee of additions to the household, or who permit persons to join the household without undergoing screening are in violation of their lease.  Such persons are considered to be unauthorized occupants by the THA and the entire household will be subject to eviction. 

The THA may terminate the lease of any tenant for allowing unauthorized guests to remain in the household for more than fourteen (14) days within any twelve (12) months.   Further, the THA will terminate the lease of any resident whose address has been used by an individual other than a member of the household as their address.

Please do not hesitate to contact staff with any questions you may have.



Ms. Shaundra Clark, THA Executive Director