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Notice to THA Residents

Special Notice

The trash problem at our properties has gotten out of control. Each tenant is responsible for the area around your apartment. You must pick up trash in your area. You  are responsible for your children and guests if they throw trash on the grounds. Be on notice that we will be writing tickets and issuing fines to tenants who do not comply. This is a part of your lease and non-compliance could result in a lease violation and subject to lease termination.

You are responsible for the appearance of the area around your apartment.

Here are some other violations to remember:

  • Indoor furniture cannot be on your front or back porches (If you have old furniture that needs to be taken off, please place the furniture curbside and THA Maintenance will pick it up.)
  • No driving and / or parking on the grass. There are no exceptions!
  • Old tires, furniture and other discarded items cannot be outside the apartment.
  • Basketball goals, swimming pools and satellite dishes are prohibited.
  • No smoking in your unit or any other Tifton Housing Authority building.
  • No smoking within 25 feet of any THA apartment or building.
  • Do not pour grease down a drain or on the ground. This is prohibited on THA property.
  • DO NOT tamper with smoke and / or carbon monoxide detectors.

If you have a grill on your front porch or in your front yard, please move it to the back of your apartment TODAY.

Let's keep Tifton Housing Authority  properties beautiful and clean.

Thanks for your cooperation.