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THA Times - March/April 2023

THA Times Vol 2 - 2023 - Opening Doors - Changing Lives

Enews Header.

Honoring Black History and Women's History Month.

Youth standing around a statue of Harriet Tubman.
Our venture to the Tubman Museum in Macon, GA honors both Black History and Women's History month. Our youth had an amazing time learning about the establishment of the museum, and trailblazers in the civil rights movement like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Harriet Tubman. Students also learned about the first black student to integrate schools at the demise of segregation, Ruby Bridges. The experience superseded the expectations of what was to come, and the staff was amazing and very hospitable, and most of all the children had a great time learning about the history of our culture and its significance in our lives today.

Youth sitting at desks working on an art activity.
Youth participating in a fun art activity, inspired by the works of David Gaither.

Students learning about drums from Africa.
Students in drumming class learned about the significance of the drums in Africa.

Tifton Financial Literacy Initiative (FLI) Next Session

Building Savings

Date: April 18, 2023
Time: 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
Location: Leroy Rogers Center

Maintenance News

  • Work orders are handled on a case-by-case basis, with emergencies answered first, then any issues that may cause future problems handled. If you have an emergency after normal business hours, remember to press 5 to be transferred to the maintenance ON-CALL Person. Please leave your name, phone number, and the nature of your call.
  • Tenants (Head of Households) are responsible for all property damage to the units and ruts from parking and driving on grass. Violators will be fined for damage.
  • No Parking on the Grass. Violators may be towed at the owner's expense.
  • No Parking or Blocking the Alley. Violators may be towed at the owner's expense.
  • Please return all roll-out garbage containers back to your apartments on the day of trash pickup. Violators may be fined by Tifton Housing Authority.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 229.382.5434.

Property Management News

New Applicant Call-in / New Applicant Orientation: 3/14 - 3/17

Recertification: Bellview & Maple Street Apartments (April - June)

New Applicants Appointments: 4/11 - 4/13

Rent is Due on the 1st and Late after the 7th for Public Housing.
Rent is Due on the 1st and Late after the 5th for DEAs Homes.

Housekeeping Gold Star Awards

Housekeeping Class: 04/03/2023
The THA Gold Star award will be presented to all residents who pass their housekeeping inspection. Then, the Gold Star recipients' names will be placed in a drawing to receive a prize.

The next drawing will be in April.

More Resident News

For More Resident News, Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter @TiftonHousing

Ongoing Events

Afterschool Program

B.E.Y., Building and Empowering our Youth, Hope Afterschool Program meets on Wednesdays & Thursdays, from 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. at the Dixie Community Building. Snacks provided. Transportation is available, but space is limited.

Parenting Class

Parenting Class will meet on Thursdays at 12:30 p.m. at Dixie Community Building. If you have been recommended for this class, please plan to attend. Transportation can be
provided, if needed. Please contact Ms. Melanie for assistance.

Senior Bingo

Seniors 60+ are invited to join us for lunch, some fun cards, and a chance to win some awesome prizes! This event is held monthly in our Elderly Village Community. 

Performing Arts Events

THA Residents interested in attending upcoming performing arts events at the Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College should give us a call! We have a set number of free
tickets just for you!

Resident Services

To close out the Black History Month Celebration, we went to the Albany Municipal Auditorium in Albany, Georgia, to see various choirs, soloists, and band ensembles perform at the annual Lift Every Voice concert. It was an enjoyable experience for all that attended.

Youth at The Syd listening to a DJ. All Information listed below.

Our youth ventured off to The Syd, formerly known as the Tifton Museum of Arts, to observe the Hallelujah exhibit and finished the afternoon at the Sock Drive, sponsored by Commissioner Melissa Hughes annually. They each received a bag with some essential goodies, like socks and gloves. (Pictured are some of them enjoying the entertainment of D.J. T-Roy)

Children outside at a festival.

Youth also attended the Tifton Rhythm & Ribs Festival and enjoyed the food and inflatables! (picture of young girl outside at festival) A huge thank you to all the staff at Tifton Public Library for allowing our youth to get their hands dirty by making slime and engaging us on a guided tour. And gifting us our own library cards, books, and bookmarks.  We can't wait to return!

Youth sitting at tables doing crafts.

Three people at the MLK Breakfast.
Adriel Ortiz, with his mom Aida Gonzalez and Ah'Mariha Williams at the MLK Breakfast.

Housekeeping Gold Star Winners for February.
Congratulations to our Housekeeping Gold Star winners for February, Peggy Graydon and Raven Thomas!

Senior Bingo Winners.
1st set of Senior Bingo Winners

Second set of four senior bingo winners.

2nd set of Senior Bingo Winners

CEO's Message

Can you believe spring has sprung?

Outside of spring cleaning, the weather changing, and flowers blooming, spring is known to be an indicator of new beginnings! So whether you've fallen short of your new year goals or are looking to get started, let me encourage you by saying, "it's not too late!" It's not too late to return to school, get a new job, create a budget, or save money. Nor is it too late to be an active parent, start a business, or prioritize self-care. Make a plan and start where you are and with what you have!

Remember "Spring Is Proof That There Is Beauty In New Beginnings" - Matshona Dhliwayo

Tifton Housing Authority is excited to introduce new programming and events that benefit our residents, both young and wise! Please read through this newsletter for our resident services recap and upcoming events, visit our website, sign up to receive text and email notifications, and download our app from your favorite mobile store.
Also, remember to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter @TiftonHousing. We want to ensure you receive resident news and community resources in multiple ways.

Please contact Tifton Housing Authority with questions or concerns at 229.382.5434.
Until then, remember that you inspire us to be better each day, and we look forward to serving you another year.

Executive Director, Ms. Shaundra Clark.

Executive Director, Ms. Shaundra Clark

Mark Your Calendars

Family Fun Day

Date: Saturday, June 10th, from
Time: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
Location: Bellview Community Building

"The Tifton Housing Authority is committed to achieving excellence in providing safe, clean, and modern housing while promoting self-sufficiency and upward mobility to our residents."

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