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Maintenance Fees

The schedule of maintenance charges listed below represents the material and labor cost for most of the potential repair cost that our residents may incur. These charges will be applied only if resident negligence is apparent.

In the case of normal wear and tear, no charges will be made to the resident. It is possible that damages, which are not covered by this list of maintenance charges, may occur in an apartment.

Such repairs during normal work hours will be based upon an actual material cost and a labor rate of $15.00 per hour. All cleaning charges not specifically addressed in this list will be charged out by an hourly rate of $15.00. Labor will be charged at a rate of $25.00 per hour outside of normal working hours.

Click to download the Maintenance Charges for Residents Sheet

These are simple ways to avoid maintenance fees:

  • Report all maintenance repair issues as soon as possible
  • Do not damage, park or drive gas powered vehicles on grass
  • Keep your yards clean and remove excessive trash
  • Do not tamper with smoke alarms
  • Do not store grease on burners or inside ovens
  • Do not pour grease outside or in plumbing drains
  • If you call emergency after hours, please be home when they arrive

Emergency After-Hours Response Procedures

Call (229) 382-5434 Press 5

  • Electrical/Plumbing/Security
  • Gas/Water Turn ON
  • Heating/Cooling Calls